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5 Signs of a Dying Car Battery

Sometimes your car battery can die seemingly out of nowhere. This can leave you stranded or late for work, which is very frustrating. To avoid these situations, here are five signs that we can share with you that point straight to a dying car battery. 

1. Dimmer Headlights

Dim headlights are commonly overlooked and can seem like not that big of a deal. Even the slightest change in brightness means that there is not enough power to keep them working as intended. After a while, it drains the battery, making it prone to not starting.

2. Clicking When Starting Your Vehicle

By starting the car, your ignition is powered by a signal that comes from either your start button or turning the key. This process requires energy from your battery and when nothing is left in it, a clicking sound may be heard. Furthermore, if your dashboard is electric, it can also result in continuous flashing while trying to start the engine. 

3. Electrical Problems

Nowadays most of the systems and accessories on your vehicle are powered by electricity. If you notice a couple of them slowing down suddenly, it can mean that they aren’t provided with enough power. Slower windshield wipers, dim interior lights, and a radio that powers off by itself are some of the more noticeable ones.

4. Weird Shape

The battery is made out of a variety of chemicals and materials. If there is a leak or crack somewhere they can mix, starting an unwanted reaction. Gas forms as a result and can alter the shape of the battery, accompanied by a weird smell. It’s a very obvious sign that there is something wrong happening, so we strongly suggest that you visit a repair shop to get it replaced.

5. Battery Warning Light

Once you start your car, the dashboard should have a couple of lights on for a few seconds. The battery warning light is one of them and if it stays on, that means something is wrong. 

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