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Can a Blown Engine be Fixed?

You may be wondering what a blown engine means and how you can handle the problem. A blown engine is one that's severely damaged and needs comprehensive repairs or replacement. Usually, the damage includes damage to a majority of engine parts, including a cracked engine block, snapped timing belt, defective intake and exhaust valves, and failed pistons.

Causes of a Blown Engine

It may be difficult to know when your car engine is blown, unless you're a car mechanic. Some warning signs can help you tell you have a blown engine. However, noticing one or more signs doesn't necessarily mean your engine is blown.

Blue/White Exhaust Smoke

Blue smoke flowing from your car's tailpipe can be an indicator you've had your car engine blow up. It's a sign that raw engine oil is dumped into the combustion chamber. If you notice white clouds emanating from the exhaust pipe, it may imply engine coolant is entering the combustion chamber.

Rattling Noises in the Engine

When you're driving and hear engine noises, it's a good sign of a defect commonly triggered by worn bearings or shattered engine parts. A knocking noise may imply a blown engine.

Engine Won't Start

An engine that fails to start could mean multiple issues, including a blown engine. It could be anything from overheating improper timing or overheating to a broken engine part.

Coolant in the Engine Oil

The inside of your car engine features sealed oil and cooling systems in separate sections. If you find coolant in the engine oil or engine oil in your coolant, it may be a sign of a blown engine.

Is It Possible To Fix A Blown Engine?

Repairing a blown engine will depend on the extent of the damage. It's possible to fix minimal problems such as a broken head gasket, piston, or timing belt. However, some defects are overwhelming to repair, and engine replacement may be the only option.

The best solution for dealing with engine trouble is looking for a specialist to fix it for you. We invite you to bring your vehicle to Dave's Automotive LLC today!

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