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Does a Full Trunk Affect Your Vehicle?

Many drivers are guilty of it - overflowing their trunk, using it as secondary storage, and never cleaning it. It's easy to think of your vehicle's trunk as another place where you can keep stuff that you have no room for otherwise. We've seen it time and time again servicing cars, people coming in with their trunks filled to the brim, so much so that they can barely close. Does this have an effect on your vehicle overall? 

While junk in the trunk is pretty common, you'd be surprised how much it can actually affect your vehicle. Let's look at some of the ways in which an overloaded car can have its effect: 

Lowered gas mileage

The most prevalent issue is that a heavy vehicle can significantly decrease your vehicle's fuel efficiency. If you have a bunch of stuff in your trunk, you're costing yourself more on gas in the long run. Having a clean vehicle helps save you money on gas and keeps your fuel efficiency high. So if you have a bunch of stuff in your trunk, you may want to consider clearing it out to save yourself money! 

Excessive tire wear

Having a loaded trunk can actually start to take a toll on your rear tires. The added weight can out your vehicle out of balance and put more pressure on the back of your vehicle, causing those tires to wear down quicker. This can cost you new tires much sooner than planned, so it's best to avoid this if possible. 

Worn suspension parts

Your suspension system helps to support your vehicle, and excessive weight can also cause added wear and tear to these parts. Lighten the load for your suspension components to help them last longer and be more efficient in supporting your vehicle and dampening shock from the road. 

Decreased resale value 

If you've got a messy vehicle overall, which we may have to assume if your trunk is filled to the brim at all times, chances are you are decreasing your vehicle's resale value. A messy car can lower its value due to damage, stains, and dirt that is hard to remove. The cleaner you keep your vehicle, the more money you can get for it down the road. 

These are just some of the ways that a full trunk can put a damper on your vehicle. If you've got a full trunk, we recommend cleaning it out and lightening the weight of your car. You'll thank us later! If you need any vehicle services or maintenance performed, whether listed above or not, don't hesitate to give us a call here at Dave's Automotive or stop by our shop for friendly service today! 

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