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How to Prevent Road Trip Car Breakdowns

Taking a road trip in the summer is a fun and easy way to go on vacation without breaking the bank. It also gives you the freedom of traveling to many different places along your route, and more flexibility when it comes to actual vacation time. While you may focus on planning out your trip beforehand and all the stops you'll make, one important thing to consider is the overall condition of your car. Breakdowns do happen in the middle of a long drive, so doing what you can to prevent road trip car breakdowns is key! 

The best way that you can help yourself prevent car breakdowns on the road is by ensuring that your vehicle can handle the long drive. Here at Dave's Automotive, we invite you into our shop for a pre-road trip inspection at least a week before your scheduled departure time. This pre-trip inspection will consist of a thorough vehicle check of vital components and functions. Our experts will check items like brakes, fluids, engine oil, tires, alignment, suspension, car battery, and more. 

So, what will a pre-trip inspection do? First, it will allow us to give you our honest opinion of whether or not your vehicle is road trip read. If it isn't, then we can provide you with our recommended services or repairs to take care of before you leave which will help get your car ready for the drive. This is why we recommend bringing your vehicle in at least a week before your trip, just in case it turns out you need to have a few services taken care of. 

In addition to your pre-road trip inspection, another way you can prevent road trip car breakdowns from occurring is by driving safely. Often times, driving erratically or unsafe can put your vehicle at risk for excessive wear and also make you more susceptible to accidents. Please drive safe!

If you're planning that upcoming summer road trip, don't hesitate to bring your vehicle into the experts here at Dave's Automotive for a vehicle inspection in Stockertown, PA. We look forward to seeing you soon! 

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