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How to Summerize your Car

If you are a road trip enthusiast, getting your vehicle ready for some sun-drenched driving is crucial, especially as the road trip summer season approaches. It helps you avoid dust and dirt flurries, summer's high temperatures, and occasional rain taking a toll on your car's most essential systems.

Using the following DIY tips and auto professional assistance, you can summarize your vehicle and help it run safely and smoothly through summer into fall.

Summarizing Your Car on Your Own

You can check your vehicle's tire pressure using a stick gauge from a gas station or a personal pressure gauge. When exposed to intense heat, vehicle tires' inside pressure increase and decrease significantly. So, monitor the tire pressure regularly to ensure it stays within your car's recommended range.

Additionally, regularly monitor your engine's oil level as the engine often gets hotter in the summer, meaning it will need enough oil levels to remain lubricated.

Here is how a professional auto technician will help summarize your car;

Double-Checking your Fluid Levels

Seasonal weather changes often result in low power steering fluid, transmission fluid, windshield wiper fluid and coolant. Therefore, a professional technician will help check them all, especially coolant fluid, which is critical to monitoring before the season's heat.

Changing your Oil and Oil Filter

If your vehicle's last oil change was a while ago, getting a professional oil and oil filter change helps your car handle the extra demands due to intense weather conditions. Remember that cleaner oil means a happier and healthier engine, and a cleaner oil filter means cleaner oil.

Make Sure the AC is Working

Another thing to ask from an auto professional before summer is to inspect the vehicle's air conditioner. The technician may perform an A/C tune-up or replace the belt to facilitate cold air blowing to cool everyone in the car down.

Testing and Examining Exterior Lights

A professional technician will help examine and repair or replace all your vehicle's exterior lights like taillights, blinkers, headlights, etc. They will ensure they are functioning correctly by fixing any coverings that may be yellowed or appear scratched.

Final Word

Checking your vehicle's battery and the radiator should also be essential items in your summer vehicle maintenance checklist. Summer heat is among the leading causes of reduced battery life and battery failure. If you need assistance getting your automobile ready for the summer, you can bring your car to Dave's Automotive today!

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