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Tips for Beginner Highway Drivers

If you have a teen in the house, you know that a day will come where they will have to practice their driving on the highway. The first time can be scary, which is why it's common for new drivers only to drive local until they gain enough experience to go on the freeway. Being prepared can help a beginner driver make a safe transition from local roads to the highway. We've compiled several helpful driving tips that a teen or new drivers should follow before hitting the highway:


Plan accordingly on when to start driving on the highway. If you want to venture out onto the interstate, you want to pick the right time and place to do it. Consider starting on one that is not too busy with ample lanes. Also, try not to go during rush hour traffic. You also want to ease into it by driving on a bright, clear day without rain, snow, or fog that could impair your vision.


Start off driving in the right lane. New drivers should start by only riding in the right lane since the left lane is meant for passing. Staying in the right lane will help them interact with oncoming traffic, and they'll maintain their speed easier there.


Leave enough space to change lanes.

Establishing proper speed and distance remains critical to managing a lane change on an interstate. Drivers should leave at least 5 seconds worth of space between their car and the vehicle in front of them as they plan. A bigger gap means you have more time to avoid a potential crash. It would help if you also got in the habit of checking all mirrors and your blind spot before switching over.


Always signal when merging and changing lanes. Young drivers must get in the practice of using their blinkers regularly, even if they assume their intentions are obvious. Your blinkers are the only way to communicate with other drivers on the road, and using them can keep you safe.


Have all your attention on the road. Teenagers often get distracted, especially by their phones. However, it is imperative to stay focused on the highway. Don't text on your phone, try to change music, or be distracted by talking to friends, do NOT do it. Also, it is more than likely it is against the law to be on your phone while driving. Avoid getting a hefty ticket and in an accident by putting your phone on "Do Not Disturb" when you get behind the wheel.


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