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Top Signs That Suggest Your Car Needs Brake Repairs

If you are going to take charge of your vehicle maintenance, the first part that you should look at is the braking system. All parts of your vehicle’s brake system need to work for your car to slow down and stop effectively. So please frequently have your brakes checked to ensure you and your loved ones are safe on the road. 

That said, there are many signs that indicate your brakes need to be serviced. From loud squeaks to leaking fluid, it can be difficult to miss. Let’s take a look at these red flags that could mean your brake system is compromised.

Squeaking or Squealing
If you catch a loud, high-pitched sound whenever you apply the brakes, it means that your brakes are worn down. Specifically, the brake pads let out a scream when they are bad. Brake pads have metallic wear indicators that will rub against the rotors when they’ve worn thin. When you catch your brakes being noisy, take your vehicle to our brake service shop.

Grinding is a lower-pitch sound that your car can emit. Most of the time, you can feel the sensation too. It can be a common sign in bad discs or drum brakes. Typically, this sign can be ambiguous. It can be anything from worn brake pads or shoes to the rotor or caliper.

Veering or Pulling
Instability, like pulling to one side of the road, whenever you brake means that your brake calipers are faulty or failing. It can also indicate a problem with your brake hoses. Bring your car to our shop for a more accurate diagnosis. 

Spongy or Soft Brake Pedal
Typically, a working brake pedal should have subtle resistance. If they are overly soft and sensitive to pressure, it could indicate air or moisture being trapped in the brake system. We can assess the fluid to be sure. Otherwise, it may be the master cylinder.

Brake Warning Light
The warning light on your dashboard is the most tell-tale way that your brake system needs work. Every vehicle may vary slightly in meaning, which is why we recommend consulting the vehicle owner’s manual for what the corresponding indicator means. Otherwise, please consult with an experienced professional.

If you are looking for reliable brake repairs, please turn to the trusted experts at Dave’s Automotive in Stockertown, PA. We can assist you with all your brake-related needs so you can drive with more confidence.

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