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What is That Strange Smell in My Car?

There are certain smells that you have come to expect from your vehicle. From your teenager's socks to rotten fruit that you forgot about; those smells can be dealt with. It is when you start to smell something unusual in your car that you should be concerned about. Such smells could very well be an indication that there is a problem looming that you need to have taken care of.

Take Note of These Smells

The following smells are not common and should give you pause to take notice and get your car checked out by a professional technician.

You Start to Smell Gasoline

While some gas smells are the result of a recent fill-up, they should not last long. If it has been quite some time since you stopped to fill the car up with gas, there could be an issue if you start to smell fumes. You could have a leaky fuel tank or injection system. This should be taken care of as soon as possible.

You Can Smell the Exhaust from Inside Your Car

You should never smell the exhaust inside your car. If you do, this is one smell that you really want to take notice of and do something about. It could be the result of broken seals on your windows or doors. Regardless, exhaust fumes can cause illness and even death for humans and animals. Get it looked after right away.

The Car Vents Smell Like a Rotten Egg

The smell of a rotten egg should not be ignored. This is an indicator that there is something wrong with your fuel system. Besides the fact that this smell can be really obnoxious, it also presents a safety hazard that needs to be fixed right away.

You Can Smell Burning Rubber from Inside the Car

Burning rubber is only something that experienced race car drivers should be smelling. If you happen to encounter the smell, you will want to have it checked out. It could be the result of a rubber hose or belt that has become loose.

If you have a strange smell in your vehicle that you would like to have checked out, please bring it to our auto repair shop today. We will diagnose the problem and get it taken care of for you.

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