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What is an Engine Misfire?

Most drivers and car owners find it frustrating when the engine misfires. It is crucial to understand how an engine can misfire, what causes it, and what to do when it misfires.

What exactly happens when the engine misfires?

To understand what an engine misfire is, you need to understand the simple version of how your engine works. All engines use combustion to generate power. Yes, your engine uses fire (from a spark) generated from fuel and oxygen. When your engine misfires, it can be because oxygen, power, or the spark are not introduced to the engine cylinders in time. The ignition process is delicate and requires all components to be presented at the right time for optimal functioning.

One cylinder can misfire while the rest work perfectly, so your car will continue working, but you will notice a decrease in performance.

How does it feel when the engine misfires?

If your engine misfires, you may hear a pop sound accompanied by the smell of burning fuel or coolant. You may also feel like the engine is stumbling and losing speed or power.

What causes an engine to misfire?

Clogged fuel injectors- If engine cylinders do not get the right amount of fuel, then the spark plug will go on a solo mission with no accelerant (fuel) to get the show going.

Worn-out spark plugs- Spark plugs provide the spark to get the combustion in the engine cylinder going. Without the spark, the cylinder would receive fuel and oxygen, which can not combust without a spark.

Ignition coils and wires- Spark plugs get power from an electric current delivered through ignition coils and wires. Each cylinder has coil packs that provide electricity. Faulty or work-out Ignition coils or wires will not offer electricity causing the engine to misfire.

Can I Drive My Car if the Engine Misfires?

A car with a misfiring engine can still function, so you can take it for a ride, but this is akin to a dime now for a thousand dollars tomorrow.

Does your vehicle need urgent attention because of an engine misfire? We invite you to bring your vehicle into our auto repair shop today for the best repair services on this side of town.

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