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What's That Sound? Car Noises and What They Indicate

After driving your vehicle for years, you get accustomed to the way it drives and the sounds it makes. So when you hear a sound that is off, you may be alarmed and unsure if your vehicle needs a repair or not. Depending on the sound, your vehicle could be letting you know that something is amiss. It also depends on when you hear the noise, whether it just starts happening nonstop or if it only happens when you step on the brakes or start your car. Lets take a look at some of the common car noises and what they can indicate. 

  • A screeching noise under the hood can indicate a worn serpentine belt or a faulty engine pulley. The screeching sound will be respective, almost like you hear the noise every time the belt goes around once. Belts are extremely important and will need to be replaced at the first sign of wear, because a broken belt means a broken down vehicle. 
  • A hissing noise under the hood can indicate a broken hose. A broken hose can be the source of a fluid leak, which can lead to major issues depending on which fluid is leaking. Get this looked at right away. 
  • A tapping or metallic rubbing sound can indicate metal to metal contact, either due to low engine oil or a calibration issue. This is vital to have looked at right away as well. 
  • If you hear a high pitched squeal while braking, chances are you need a brake pad replacement. 
  • A clanking noise underneath your vehicle is typically an issue with your exhaust or tailpipe. You can take a look under your car to see if something is hanging. 
  • A strange clunking or banging metal sound coming from under your vehicle can also be a sign of a suspension system issue, including problems with joints or arms. 
  • A humming sound from your tires during acceleration can indicate bad tire condition and should be inspected as soon as possible. 

While the above are just a few examples of strange car noises, you may be experiencing something not mentioned above. Typically, if you hear a stange noise, a part or component is either loose, broken, or not properly lubricated. Bring your vehicle into the experts here at Dave's Automotive and we will pinpoint the exact cause of your car noise and determine what repairs are needed to restore your vehicle's proper driving condition. 

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