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Check Out These Decked Out Football Fan Cars!

Check Out These Decked Out Football Fan Cars!

It's football season, and many of us are so excited that we wear our jerseys and sports gear proud to show our support of our favorite teams. However, these fans take it to the next level with these AMAZING deck out football fan cars!  Whether you have a decked out football fan car or just your standard regular vehicle (we figure the latter), you can trust that the experts here at Dave's Automotive in Stockertown, PA have got you covered with all of your vehicle's Stockertown auto repair and service needs. 

How to Test Your Car Battery

You get into your vehicle in the morning to find it won't start - you immediately become stressed out, especially because you have somewhere to be. You wonder, is it my car battery? Did I leave a light on over night inside of my vehicle? Luckily, there is way that you can have your vehicle's battery tested to determine the correct cause of the car starting issue.  Aside from a dead battery, a faulty alternator can also cause issues with keeping your car started and running. The enitre starting and charnging system works together to start your vehicle, so any wires, circuits, fuses, or parts within this system can also cause start up problems.  If you prefer to do it the easy way, you can just get your vehicle brought into Dave's Automotive where we can test your vehicle's battery and alternator and figure out the issue first hand. You can also remove your car battery and bring into our shop for testing as well.  If you wish to test your battery yoursel ... read more

Tips for Taking Better Care of Your Vehicle

Most car owners are familiar with their regular vehicle services, such as the oil change and vehicle inspections. While these services are very important, preventative maintenance is also needed in order to ensure that your vehicle runs smoothly and to help you avoid major repairs.  A poorly maintained vehicle won't run well and will have much lower fuel efficiency. It will also be at risk for breakdowns, major issues, and more needed repairs. Staying current with your vehicle's scheduled maintenance recommendations in the owner's manual, checking fluid levels, and changing the fluids and filters periodically will actually prolong the life of the brakes, engine, transmission, and cooling system.  Here are some of our tips for taking better care of your vehicle and staying current with preventative maintenance:  Never miss a motor oil interval!  Oil filters need to be changed regularly as well Transmission fluid exchange every 50,000 miles or so Coo ... read more

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